Korpiklaani & Equilibrium + Supports

  • Tour: Majestic European Tour 2021
  • Datum: 15. Oktober 2021
  • Beginn: 18:30
  • Einlass: 18:00
  • VVK:: In Kürze
  • Veranstalter: RTN TOURING GmbH
  • Adresse: Stadlerweg 23 AT - 4202 Kirchschlag bei Linz AUSTRIA
  • Website:

Boys & girls, we waited as long as we could and decided to cancel the tour.
There is just too much risk if anyone on tour gets Covid, it would end the tour.
Many cities have restrictions and we simply don’t know what new ones will come.

We decided to not rebook the tour, but we are working with our partners for new plans.
This could be just weekends or per week depending on each country and the stability there.
Please contact your ticket company, local promoter for refunds or you can keep the ticket for a later date.
– Korpiklaani